Dental Tips

Dental Care & Wellness

Here at The Dental Co. we have always placed a huge emphasis on our “Preventive Program” with the mindset that if we can help you maintain your oral health by taking ownership of your home care, practising good habits such as brushing and flossing twice a day, in conjunction with regular dental exams, and, professional cleaning that the job is done. Our “Preventative Program” aligns with the health and wellness movement, which is gaining momentum, but how important is maintaining your oral health for your mouth and your whole body?
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Sugar & Oral Health

To raise awareness of the amount of ‘sugar’ the average Australian is consuming in their diet, film maker ‘Damon Gameau embarked on an experiment that involved him consuming the average sugar consumption (40 teaspoons per day), per person in Australia over a 60 day period. The results where concerning to say the least with the number of products that have ‘hidden sugars’ in them with these particular foods often being perceived or marketed as, ‘healthy options’.
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Pregnancy Gingivitis Information

Congratulations! You are about to become a mother, perhaps for the first time, second or third…However, your gums maybe bleeding a little or a lot?! What does this mean for your oral health and that of your baby? What about this tooth for a child rumour? The hormonal changes associated with pregnancy increase your risk of gingivitis (reversible inflammation of the gums) and periodontitis (irreversible attachment loss of the gums and supporting tissues). 50-70% of women will develop gingivitis during their pregnancy, which we call “pregnancy gingivitis.”
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