Dental Care & Wellness

Dental Care & Wellness

Here at The Dental Co. we have always placed a huge emphasis on our “Preventive Program” with the mindset that if we can help you maintain your oral health by taking ownership of your home care, practising good habits such as brushing and flossing twice a day, in conjunction with regular dental exams, and, professional cleaning that the job is done.

Our “Preventative Program” aligns with the health and wellness movement, which is gaining momentum, but how important is maintaining your oral health for your mouth and your whole body?

Recent studies have shown that most people will suffer from degenerative gum disease at some stage in their life time, which is usually caused by the body’s reaction to a build-up of bacteria on the gum line, often called tartar and plaque. Leaving these bacteria undisturbed for a prolonged period of time can cause redness, bleeding and inflammation and more devastatingly, the bacteria can enter your blood stream and often make their way to other major organs. Bacteria that is not usually found in these parts of the body can lead to health problems, such as heart disease, certain cancers, stroke, diabetes, respiratory disease, as well as pregnancy complications. As a part of your body’s eco system, bacteria that are negatively affecting one part, can often negatively affect other parts too. Maintaining a healthy system begins with maintaining your oral health.

The main two stages of Gum Disease are; gingivitis and periodontal disease often which follow each other. Sometimes dental jargon creates a barrier, so at the Dental Co, we look at things in a simpler way — healthy mouth, gums and teeth, versus not healthy mouth, gums and teeth. Depending on which category you fall in, the team at The Dental Co. would endeavour to work with you to improve your status, and keep seeing you until we see proof that the gums are healing and moving into the healthy category.

At The Dental Co. we have shaped our approach around looking at the bigger picture. Our hope is that by considering each individual’s day-to-day habits that we will be able to educate our patients on the best way to keep themselves healthy, beginning with their mouths. Our commitment is to do our best through education and empowerment.

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